Credits and Thanks

I would like to credit the following people for their help in putting this webpage together. Some provide information and some provide articles. All are appreciated.

Steven AshlockSteven put together the first Linda Ronstadt fan page on the internet. This webpage grew from what he had already put together. Steven also started the first Linda Ronstadt internet listserve (discussion group).
Rich BaileyHe's a frequent contributor to the webpage, and has been a valuable source of information. Rich compiled this extensive Ronstadt Collectors' Discography.
Marsha Burghoffprovided several articles for the Article and Interview section
Karen Segboerprovided a boxload of articles and clippings for the webpage.
Teresa Myersprovided several newspaper and magazine articles
Rob Willhoitprovided two huge scrapbooks from which I drew several articles and clippings
Harold Wilkinsonhas provided several articles.. a true Ronstadt historian
Mike Koecherprovided severals articles and clippings for the webpage.
Brian Krachmanprovided articles for the webpage and even a roof over my head when visiting the big city
Andrew Greeleyprovided permission to carry his article on the webpage. You might also want to visit his website.
Lauren Macchiaprovided articles for the webpage
Debbie Krugerprovided permission to carry the published version of her extensive Linda Ronstadt interview. You can read the full interview on her own website.
Mark Watsonprovided several photos for the webpage, as well as sales information and statistics.
Erik Northsent this article to me by email.

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