The Stone Poneys
1966 - 1968

newspaper article: Tucson Daily Citizen, November 25, 1966 - Stone Poneys are formed

Released January 1967
Produced by Nick Venet
Sweet Summer Blue and Gold [B Kimmel- K Edwards]  
If I Were You [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                                 
Just A Little Bit of Rain [Fred Neil]                  
Bicycle Song (Soon Now) [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                     
Orion [Tom Campbell]                  
Wild About My Lovin' [Adpt by Kimmel-Ronstadt-Edwards]                  
Back Home [Ken Edwards]                   
Meredith (On My Mind) [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                   
Train and the River [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                  
All the Beautiful Things [B Kimmel- K Edwards]                  
2:10 Train [Tom Campbell- Linda Albertano]                                 

Released June 1967
Produced by Nick Venet

December Dream [John Braheny]
Song About the Rain [Steve Gillette]
Autumn Afternoon [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
I'd Like to Know [Pam Polland] (I've Got to Know)
Evergreen Part One [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
Evergreen Part Two [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
Different Drum [Mike Nesmith]
Driftin' [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
One for One [Al Silverman- Austin DeLone]
Back on the Street Again [Steve Gillette]
Toys in Time [K Edwards- B Kimmel]
New Hard Times [M Smith- B Kimmel]  

newspaper clipping: Los Angeles Times, November 17, 1967 -  Different Drum reaches #1 in L.A. market              
newspaper article: Tucson Daily Citizen, January 24, 1968 - Shep Cooke joins Stone Poneys, replacing Kenny Edwards

Linda Ronstadt Stone Poneys and Friends Vol. III
Released April 1968
Produced by Nikolas Venet
  Golden Song [Steve Gillette]
  Merry-Go-Round [Tom Campbell]
  Love Is A Child [Steve Gillette]
By the Fruits of Their Labor [Robert Kimmel- Ken Edwards]
Hobo [Tim Buckley]
Star and a Stone [Robert Kimmel- Ken Edwards]
Let's Get Together [Chet Powers]
Up to My Neck in High Muddy Water [Wakefield- Herald- Yellin]
Aren't You the Girl? [Tim Buckley]
Wings [Tim Buckley]
Some of Shelly's Blues [Mike Nesmith]
Stoney End [Laura Nyro]

newspaper article: Daily Utah Chronicle - Stone Poneys concert at Univ of Utah- reviews and reactions

Shep Cooke, Linda Ronstadt, John Keski

Click this advert from the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle, March 16, 1968 to see the article from March 17.

Ads from Albuquerque Journal, February 10 and February 16, 1968:

Ad from Lancaster New Era, October 17, 1968::

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April 28, 1968
Arizona Daily Star

May 5, 1968
Chicago Tribune

May 12, 1968
Arizona Daily Star

Here is an incomplete list of Stone Poneys appearances, along
with known Linda Ronstadt appearances before the Stone Poneys.
More dates will be added as they are discovered.

Before the Stone Poneys

1963      October 5       Tucson, AZ
                          Tucson Music Center (formerly Temple of Music & Art)
                          presented by University of Arizona Folkmusic Society
                          Michael Cooney, Paul Phillips,
                          James Griffith, Willy Cocio, and John Cardis of UofA,
                          Suzi, Linda, and Pete Ronstadt

          November 13     Tucson, AZ
                          Downtown Sertoma Club
                          Tucson Boys Choir
                          The Sweet Adelines
                          The Pima Donnas
                          Tucson Civic Chorus
                          New Union Ramblers (Linda Suzy & Pete Ronstadt with Shep Cooke)

          November 15-16  Tucson, AZ
                          Tucson Folklore Center
                          Tom Luke, Stu Jamieson, Bill Cunningham
                          and Tucsonians Linda Ronstadt and Shep Cooke

Stone Poneys

1966     Sept 16-18       Tucson, AZ    
                          Minus One Coffee House (2 shows nightly)

         November 24      Tucson, AZ
                          Minus One Coffeehouse

1967     June 13-19       Detroit, MI
                          The Chessmate

         June 6-11        Hollywood, CA
	                  The Troubadour
                          Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Stone Poneys, Tim Buckley
         June 18          Detroit, MI
                          The Chessmate

         June 30- July 9  Greenwich Village, NYC
                          Café A Go-Go
         July 13-16       Bryn Mawr, PA
                          The Main Point

         August 3         Berkeley, CA
                          Berkeley Community Theatre 

         September 29     Santa Monica, CA
                          Santa Monica Civic Auditorium 
                          Strawberry Alarm Clock with Spirit and Linda Ronstadt       

         October 14       San Bernardino, CA
                          Riverside Youth Center

         November 25      Tucson, AZ
                          Tucson Press Club

         November 27      Tucson, AZ
                          Minus One Coffeehouse

         ?????            Cambridge, MA
                          Club 47

         ?????            Cleveland, OH
                          La Cave

1968     February 16      University of New Mexico 
                          Johnson Gym 7 PM

         January 13       San Diego, CA
                          International Sports Arena

         January 19       Los Angeles, CA
                          Pauley Pavilion, UCLA

         January 23       Seattle, WA
                          Hec Edmundson Pavilion

         February 17      New Mexico State University
                          NMSU Annual Nite Club (2 shows)

         February 27      Boston, MA
                          The Unicorn (weeklong engagement)

         March 9          Albany, NY
                          Washington Avenue Armory

         March 15         Hamilton, NY
                          Fortnight of Active Arts 1968

         March 16         Rochester, NY       
                          Eastman Theatre (opening for the Doors)

         March 17         Boston, MA
                          Back Bay Theatre

         March 23         University of Pennsylvania

         March 26-31      New York City
                          The Bitter End (with David Steinberg)
                          opening night of a one-week booking

         April 19         The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, NYC

         April 20         Hood College (Spring Weekend)    
                          Hodson Outdoor Theatre

         April 26         Durham, NC
                          Sarah P. Duke Gardens

         April 29         Grand Junction, Colorado
                          Mesa Junior College

         May 3            St. George, Utah
                          Dixie Junior College

         May 4            Salt Lake City, Utah
                          University of Utah, Student Union Ballroom

         May 6            College of Southern Utah     
	                  Spring Quarter Pillow Concert

         May 7            Phoenix, AZ
                          Arizona State University
                          Borphy Prep Gym (with The People and the Gage Garnier Five)

         May 8            Tucson, AZ
                          Palo Verde High School

         June 20-29       Vancouver, BC
                          Marco Polo Restaurant

         July 6		  Fresno, CA
		          Selland Arena (Steppenwolf, Ronstadt & Poneys, Holy See light show)

         July 13-16       Bryn Mawr, PA
		          The Main Point

         August 3         Berkeley, CA
                          Berkeley Community Theatre

         September 12-15  Bryn Mawr, PA
		          The Main Point
         September 20     Providence, RI
                          Brown University, Meehan Auditorium

         Sept 27- Oct 7   New York City
                          Bitter End

         November 15      Highland Community College- Homecoming Weekend
                          Consistory Auditorium

Linda Ronstadt goes solo

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